This Independence Day

Everything  I’ve been seeing since childhood has been tinged with the paleness of grey. It seems like innocence itself was grey. Reading from last Sunday’s Hindustan Times, what there was for Re. 1 in ’47,  now comes for about Rs. 60 and devaluation of the Rupee began after the first five-year plan was launched; at the time of Independence, one US Dollar was one INR. Today, I see new coins with an imprint of the way we today are- light, hollow and cheap, perhaps.

I’ve always wondered what morals are, because people always have a different set of them and you cannot force anything to anyone, not today, when the world’s a democracy, except of course, to the girls who’re being raped every other day. Independence brought us rights and privileges the yesteryear’s generation dreamed of, but obviously, there is this huge void between their perception of ‘freedom’ and ours. Independence brought us the right to being raped by our own people, instead of a handful of outsiders.

Today, as it always was, freedom is having monetary competency and the right to think and act freely, no matter who it offends; all of us want to be uncle Sam, in a way or other. I see kids playing with electronic gadgets, the bigger ones playing their darker side with them and the adults trying to participate and indulge with the brave new world. I am unaware of what Tagore said of freedom or what Vivekanada preached about it, but it was surely not about having liberty over your elders or women. Nuclear families, brain drain, population explosion and its derivatives- all of them are not problems, they’re gifts from the political forerunners of India. Thanks, Panditji.

The food has been adulterated since I was a child and so has the TV’s content! Inflation has always prevailed, dearness has embraced us all like a lover, tighter all the time, stifling us and we’ve perhaps made some progress to a yet newer dimension that seems to take us nowhere.

Nothing is new this independence day (as always), let’s thus pledge ourselves to the commitment of at least having a new face for India.

I hope you all know I do not refer to the ‘young’ and fair prince of India…


4 thoughts on “This Independence Day”

  1. i liked the last line indeed a lot.. nice write up brotha. certainly need some maturity at organizing similar ideas at text. and it seems you wanted to write more but u stopped urself… write more man, u can certainly express more.. 🙂 (Y)

  2. “Today, I see new coins with an imprint of the way we today are- light, hollow and cheap, perhaps.” So true…

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