August 20th, 2013

It was a fine summer day. School still felt like something fun and there was an eagerness and happiness to be there. The schedule was followed  that day too and things were as normal as they could be, but a certain  excitement kept rippling within Kabir until the very end of the school.  The day’s final bell rang and all his fellows ran for it; going home always feels good. But this kid waited until the classroom was empty but for the two of them. Gathering the courage, he called out for Maya, who, to his relief was still there, going.

“Hey, Maya! Wait!”

“Kabir, yeah?”

Maya, a fairly beautiful and charming girl, had always been someone with the best grades and in the time to come, would go to one of the best institutions; he was not so studious, and was much nervous at the moment.

“Wait a moment, please!”
“Fine”, and she lingered at the doorway.

Nervously, the boy rummaged his bag and to his disappointment, found out something entirely unexpected- it was a pack of fancy labels in his bag which, in the morning, was full of Looney-Toons labels and now appeared almost empty with all the Silvesters and Tweeties gone except for a couple remaining. He wanted to give Maya one of those. But the nervousness he felt half-replaced by the newly found outrage made him dump the whole affair.

“Nothing. You can go. Bye!” he said.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, thank you, bye!”

“OK, bye!” she said and went away. The poor thing was left with his wish dissolved into a strong dislike towards his fellows and whoever had taken away his Tweety.

Maya, however, never knew of this; all she might have thought was just as she’d mentioned to him in the later years: “I always thought you’re kind of the mischievous ones. But well, I see a gentleman here…”

The fact was, which remains intact to this date, she took little interest in knowing him or perhaps, its just the way Kabir felt. But then again, there were still things he’d kept to gift her…


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