Forgotten Notes

There was a last year that had a different, unique melody of itself and even before, there have been so many years so. A time long-passed when there used to be music classes when and where the songs of love and innocence could be heard, they’re in the air surrounding me and on my finger-tips that played the harmonium and synthesizer. Being lost in the tones and tunes and the vibrations that hung around without and within, discovering new worlds in the strings was in itself a rare treat. And then there was new, unborn music yet to be created, right from the heart through the fingers on the keyboard.

Today, listening to some particular music and being under some heavy influences makes me look back at times that still exist in my memory I am unaware of. Often, time surprises us- it is the strangest concept I have felt of. The harmony between the past, present and that which is yet to come, is stunningly contiguous and time shares this continuity with music; all unexpected and yet harmonious, always. In an interview, Vishal Dadlani said “Music was created to basically to get laid and it’s existed since ancient times”. Music however, produces the same effect over me as it’s done through so many years since my childhood and I do have more and more of a feeling which has nothing to do with anything or anyone, which just settles me in an oblivion which I feel is akin to one that the Sufi singers enter into at the climax of their hyms, when I listen to some good music and think about one particular someone.

Whenever I sit with my old Casio SA-21 synthesizer to play something that perhaps I know, I am lost in such a trance where the world is as I make it and where I see them, with me. Which tells me, how beautiful it is to be able to see what you want, and just keep, simply seeing it. Usually, I try the piece Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince score and it drives me mentally unbalanced in a way that gives me solace and calm unprecedented.

It is my wish to play music, create music and be lost in it. This thing, as some of the very rare, is closest to divinity, to me. Music makes me feel extraordinary, and extraordinarily happy. At this moment, I’m wondering why I’m writing this, but I realise that if I’m not indulged in music now, I must be doing this and, just keep thinking about those particular ones who lift me above everything else. This is strange.


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