Ayyo Amma…!

India ki maa“Sonia Gandhi is not just Rahul Gandhi’s mother. She is also our mother, she is mother of entire India.”

The TV has been barking in my house for the last three or four days- first about how the party lost it in India, how it’s the broomstick’s clean-sweep, was it the “Modi-effect” that the opposition surfaced as people’s choice in the capital and then what the 2014-polls will be like. I was enjoying the whole affair while the circus show continued as an aftereffect. However, when yesterday Mister Minister told me about my ancestry, he actually gave me, and all of us for that matter, some food for thought.

From that moment on, my voice, the language I uttered, my parents’ faces, my ancestors’ photographs, my colour and everything else has told me otherwise. Till yesterday, I was liable to a mother named ‘Bhaarat Mata’ but the accusal of having another mother was a surprise. Now I wonder, what with a father, who stayed away until an English kick told him ‘twas time to return to his homeland and a mother, who has nothing Indian, except of course her crispy sarees, would the children be like?

What do you exactly imply, mantriji? Do we have a stepmother of which you of all, have better knowledge? Because that’s how we have been treated throughout. Or are you of the opinion that in terms of power and influence, she actually is our mother, today? Kabhie kabhie toh lagta hai wo sach me is desh ki full-fledged Amma hain! Moreover, do you suggest, implicitly, that she could be the mother of a particular group? Because in light of a recent bill proposed by the Center, the last proposition stands true.

Also, the Telanganese, if they’re now so-called, seem to be deifying her in their own way, in the same vein, nonetheless. They want to name it “Sonia-Telangan” and want to make a temple. “Sonia mata ka mandir banega, aur usme Rahul ki bhi murti hogi.” I’m afraid Rajnikanth has gotten competition. There are a few more, much impolite implications which I’d refrain from mentioning; after all, it is about our mother’s respect.

Mantriji, we could not be her progeny- for one thing, the latest state-elections proved this by failing the mother of all Indian political parties. Or as I said, we have the misfortune of having a stepmother who has no Indian connection whatsoever but our late Prime Minister. Or worse, we’re all simply bastards.


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