Haider: Shahid Kapoor and Vishal’s “chutzpah”

The art

Sans having understood Hamlet trying to decipher Haider is watching it like any other movie; one for the layman. However it is by design allowing for the commonplace mindset. Those with a literature background would get the full flavors and in addition to that, those thorough with the dwelling of Kashmiris could actually relate to the tragedy.

The film rekindles one’s love for art and bestows an everlasting impression on the soul. This is cinema for a cause and it is original art, and that’s what you expect from a genius like Bhardwaj.

The performances speak for themselves and remind one the effort and inspiration it takes to deliver such masterpieces. Shahid Kapoor looks transformed and no less a prince than Hamlet himself. Tabu is the woman. So beautiful and so sublime, truly a Shakespeare’s character, one who inspires a Hamlet. Talk of her performance and the idea of naturalness comes to mind. She simply outclasses most of the actors ever existed throughout the hundred years of the Indian cinema. Irrfan and Menon portray excellence in their trade. And I couldn’t help but see a Juliet in Shraddha Kapoor.

Every aspect of the movie enthralls you; Kashmir might have been filmed innumerably but this is a glimpse of the raw beauty that the place is, the one seen in here. The movie is undoubtedly a modern classic and a gem for this country to showcase.

I wish to heartily congratulate and thank first, Bhardwaj sir, Shahid Kapoor and all of the cast and crew for this magnum opus.

The politics

People are funny, in fact malicious. They’ve made the movie a debate. Notwithstanding the content’s nature, debate is inevitable. Still, what needs be done isn’t a hullabaloo but proactive resolutions else the consequences will indeed be a Shakespearian tragic end.

One needs to be thorough to even think about the subject of Kashmir conflict, hence the refrain. However, the picture the movie presents is surely disturbing. It looks something like the Devil’s heaven. The question is, who is the Devil?


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