Another story

It was one of those nights that he was nowhere near sleeping, the little boy was all curious and alert, as if it would be one of the most important moments of his life, like is childhood, all-absorbing.
“Abhimanyu, get to sleep, come on…it’s late already.” said Ahilya.
The boy yawned and at the same time expressed his mood of not obeying her mother.
“Do you want me to tell you a story then, champ?”
“So that I fall asleep, mum?” asked the boy.
“I didn’t imagine you could come up with that! You’re hardly any age…” replied a surprised and amused Ahilya.
“Don’t say that mum, I am old and mature enough. You know what the teacher told us at school?”
Mimicking her teacher, he said “You’re in class three now, you;’re grown-up and should behave and act your age.”
“Oh did she, now?” Ahilya, busy knitting a sweater, said.
“So then, how big are we, boy?”
“Mum, this age, you know it? Its the age of information.” Abhimanyu, slyly.
He added with a smug face, in self-appraisal:
“Wow, that sounded like an Information Theory book.”
“O my little son, do you think I am not aware of you using the gadgets, using the internet? Yes it is possible that you may know things you should not at your age- both good and bad, you may be doing things that you must not, but heed your mother–”
Vishnnu looked crestfallen– the bigger ones always knew more, but they’re always less and less original and reserved and grumpy. Why was that so, was knowing bad? Well, from his few experiences, he had mixed feelings; one thing was sure– there was an inflating void of original thought.
“Stop your train of thought Abhimanyu, and listen to me.” the mother instructed.
“Always, you will have choices, irrespective of your age– choices about how you spend your time alone and these, with your time, will be your treasure. Spend it wisely, son.”
“But ma…”
“And if you care to listen to me, it’s time to sleep beta…”
“Why would I not care to listen to you?” spoke Abhimanyu in a trailing tone.
“It’s up to you– you may or may not. You decide. I won’t force you to. No one can.
And the same thing could’ve been conveyed by a story– that’s why you need stories, all your life, to stay conscious, awakened. ”
“Ya I get it ma…”
“You will, Abhimanyu. The question is, how soon.”
The boy was asleep by that time.


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