Where’s the peace?

He’s checking the facebook account repeatedly, in expectation of replies and activity, which felt like an oasis- no messages, no notifications, just the dry feed and his own face staring out at him from the age-old photograph- they call it “profile picture”.
The desktop made him mad; that darling face he knew since long kept him unhinged in a way, still he did not want to change it- that’s all he had and really all that he ever wanted. Yet it was maddening in every sense- all of it; that man was obsessive-compulsive. He was mad and wanted madness. Finally having temporarily lost interest in the machine, he went out of the room into the open air– and he was out, out on the road! Horns, damned horns and motors! People and the hustle-bustle! Walking a bit, entered the little park nearby; plants and bushes were a show those days, a formality. Kids played there. Kids play like stupid! They play to keep themselves busy– and play even when they become adults! he thought to himself. Sitting on the bench, looking here and there, searching, he still didn’t find what he was looking for. Quitting the idea he vacated the place and went on inside his den of doom– and again in front of the computer and again, well, there were still no messages. So then, he picked up a book called ‘Power Electronics’, twenty minutes and back home he was– nowhere.
People use smartphones to access the internet– he could never figure out the usefulness of that, nor the fact that every individual needed a device exclusively. However, he talked with himself:
How small those screens are, uh?
Well you could always use a tablet!
Who’s going to carry that– and making voice calls with that, doesn’t it feel moronic?And what’s their problem- QWERTY even on tablets! Come on! We’re humans! If you’re making the thing for humans, it should be natural, as much as possible. Keyboards and mice are for people who work, not who play games or chat!
It has permeated into everyone’s life because its cheap.
Relatively cheap.
Of course. On the one side, people don’t have food to eat. On the other, they talk of ’empowerment’ through technology. That’s real charity you know, buy silicon worth thousands and empower the poor, the differently abled etc. etc.
Those who can, should do it.
I say just teach them– everybody, use whatever tech you want. And build and use tech wisely and parsimoniously– like the Mangalyaan or look at the length of the wires they give you with a Shuffle . And teach to make them learn. More than half of the population can’t even figure out what they studied was all about– neither in the school, nor during higher education. Teachers today teach because they have to earn a living. Students learn to get jobs. And life goes on.
Yes, it is hard to find good teachers, but you can never depend on a teacher.
That’s the first thing they should teach, you know!
Maybe. And students, well, yes, jobs are important– you can’t live without money.
Burn the money then.
You are talking either utopia or anarchy.
But why am I talking at all?
One thing I wanted to ask you: What world are you living in?
My own.
Is that a problem? No. Keeping up with others is a necessity, “human is a social being”– so that’s another reason everybody may have those devices, the “create demand” principle.
And then, well, ‘Power Electronics’; he has to get that degree after all, or he can be Steve? Well, all the best, kid.


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