Verse: John Donne, The Canonization

The Canonization is the first poem we're discussing. Donne is a romantic individual associated with love songs ('erotica' it reads somewhere) besides his characteristic conceit. Now why'd someone throw metaphors at you that seem the remotest of imagination? Maybe they don't feel about them that way. Or maybe they do. And in our present case, we are… Continue reading Verse: John Donne, The Canonization


King Lear-I

 "Where Nature doth with Merit Challenge." (I.i) That line pretty much sums up the looming theme of the play and the exposition. It sets up the exposition which takes the first act.  It is valid for the account of Lear and Glouster's fates--background of which is set up in this act by this very line--which, though… Continue reading King Lear-I