Teachers Day 2017

Out of thin airy waves flow sounds and sights/Artificial, what Ariel or Puck's behind?/What magicians but the poets, madmen, dreamers alike/That dare see beyond the horizon of time?/Milton, thank thee shall Mankind; that faith/You made immortal ere long, doth forever/Affect its course, as even 'ow I hear thy/Word: the apple as its  cause in the… Continue reading Teachers Day 2017


Verse: John Donne, The Canonization

The CanonizationĀ is the first poem we're discussing. Donne is a romantic individual associated with love songs ('erotica' it reads somewhere) besides his characteristic conceit. Now why'd someone throw metaphors at you that seem the remotest of imagination? Maybe they don't feel about themĀ that way. Or maybe they do. And in our present case, we are… Continue reading Verse: John Donne, The Canonization